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David Benioff and D.B Weiss created the American drama series. The series has been adapted from George Martin books Game of thrones and A song of Ice. Filming primarily occurs in Belfast with some scenes in Canada, UK, USA, Iceland, Croatia, Malta, Spain, and Morocco. It premiered first in the US on April 17, 2011, with the seventh season ending in August 2017. The final episode is believed to be released in 2019. The storyline consist of three primary plots and events are centered on the fictional towns of Essos and Westeros. The first of the storyline follows the seven kingdoms and there alliance or conflict with the Iron throne. In the secondary plot, we have a disposed of the successor to the throne and his quest to regain the throne. The final arc centers on the brotherhood efforts to defend the throne from threats – especially those in the North – and the threat of winter that is fast approaching. The series was well received and saw a fan base that was spread across the globe. It has won several awards and you can watch the Game of thrones free here. Watch Game of thrones free

Game of thrones Setting and Themes

The series is based on the fictional kingdoms of Essos and Westeros. It is based on George Martin book called A song of Ice and Fire. While some families seek to disassociate themselves from the iron throne some are bent on defending it. While the theme of the series has some magic this does not shadow the main themes which include political intrigue, battles, characters and fights within the dynasties. Martin believed the true source of darkness isn’t magic from dark lords but it’s within ourselves. One common theme in the series is the battle between good and evil. Character development is greatly enhanced and you can view a story from the characters point of view. To create tension between viewers some of the main characters were often killed. Some of the characters though were able to survive series after series. Watch our Game of thrones free.

Game of thrones Plot – Season 1

In the beginning, Ned Stark is given an offer to become an advisor to king Robert. A letter from the wife’s sister suggests that the house of Lannister was responsible for the death of the previous advisor. He travels north to take up his responsibilities while at the same time investigating who killed the previos advisor. In the process, he discovers that there were deep secrets that had been uncovered by the advisor. In the Narrow sea, we find Viserys whose throne has been usurped making a pact with drogo for an army in exchange for his sister’s hand in marriage. The planes do not go as planned. His sister who had first resisted the marriage soon mellows to Drogo and his people. Watch Game of thrones free here.Watch Game of thrones free

Game of thrones Seasons

Winter is coming

The events for this season take place in the seven kingdoms when those manning the wall are attacked by mythical creatures called white walkers. Until there emergence it has often been thought that the white walkers are a myth to scare away children but they have returned in full force. Eddard Stark who decapitates a soldier for deserting his post rules the castle of winterfall. King Robert travels to Winterfall and offers his son to marry Ned’s daughter. Ned wife receives a letter from the sister, which says that Jon death was largely caused by the Lannisters. She tells the husband about the events of the letter and later burns it. While climbing a tower Ned’s ten-year-old son sees Cersei sleeping with his twin brother; she pushes him out of the tower and this leaves him a bad state. On the other side of the sea, Viserys makes a deal with the warlord Khal Drogo to marry his sister in exchange for an army. Watch Game of thrones free here.


Ned leaves winterfall after accepting his role as the hand of the king and takes his daughters with him; he leaves his wife to take care of their injured son. During a vicious assassination, his direwolf saves him from attack. Catelyn – ned’s wife – travels to king’s landing to inform him of the assassination attempt; she thinks the lannisters are responsible. Ned bastardson – Jon Snow – joins the night watchers; they are tasked with protecting the wall from wildings and white watchers. He’s joined in the trip by Tyrion who decides not to follow the family north. An attack on Aryais thwarted by her direwolf and this increases the conflict between the Lannisters and Starks. Cersei proposes that Ned kills the direwolfso as to prevent more conflict. When winter approaches Ned son Brandon awakens from a coma. Daenerys who is at first opposed to her marriage to Dogo now tries all she can to please him. Watch Game of thrones free here.

Lord Snow

In the season Ned becomes part of the King’s council at landing and discovers how poorly the people of westeros are mismanaged. Catelyn plans to inform Ned about a secret is thwarted by Councilor Petyr and old friend. Brandon on other hand is recovering but he realizes that he cannot walk again; he also does not remember the events that led to the fall. Jon trains with some low born recruits who have a low opinion of his bloodline. Tyrionis asked by the commander of the wall – mormont – to request the king for more men. Daenerys discovers that she is pregnant with Drogo child and this makes her defiant of her brother control. Watch Game of thrones free here.

Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

The season begins with Tyrion making saddles for bran that will help him ride in the horse. While Ned is trying to uncover the plot against Jon Arryn he discovers the king’s hidden secret about his illegitimate child. Jon takes an interest in a boy called SamwellTarly who though intelligent is cowardly. Viserys becomes frustrated by his sisters’ new contempt for him. While Arya dreams of something not associated with the throne, her sister sasha dreams of becoming a queen. Catelyn uses some of her father’s supporters to captureTyrion for his attempt to murder her son. Watch Game of thrones free here.

The Wolf and the Lion

An attempt is made on Daenerys, which Ned refuses to be part of. He later resigns as the king’s advisor, angering the kings in the process. A captured Tyrion arrives at Eyrie with Catelyn. The capture of Tyrion reaches the king and Ned is called upon to provide answers. Ned gets stabbed in the leg in a confrontation with Jamie. Watch Game of thrones free here.

A Golden crown

Ned is left in charge of the throne as the king goes hunting. His later confronted with the news that raiders have committed several atrocities; Ned concludes that the raids must have been conducted by a Lannister retainer called GregorClegane. Infuriated he sentences him to death and he asks for a trial. Meanwhile, his daughter has reconciled with Joffrey and they are on their way to winterfall. He also discovers that Joffrey is not the King’s real son. Bran tries out his new saddles but is attacked by bandits in the process. His saved by Robb and Theon. Tyrion in Vale requests for a trial by combat which is accepted. He secures his release after his combat champion defeats Vardis. Viserys becomes frustrated by Drogo’s reluctance to give him troops. He makes a blunder of accusing the queen before Drogo and he kills him by pouring molten gold on his head. Watch Game of thrones free here. Watch Game of thrones free

You win or you die

Ned confronts Cersei and tells her that his awareness of her affair with Jamie and he knows that her children are illegitimate. While hunting Robert is critically wounded by a boar. He appoints Ned as the Protector of the realm until his son Joffrey is of age. Ned, however, wants the king’s brother Stannis to take over the throne and sends a message to him. He also seeks the loyalty of the city watch because of the lannisters powers. After the king’s death, there is a confrontation between Ned, city watch and Baelish against joffrey and Cersei. His betrayed by the city watch who subsequently attack his men. In the meantime, Ned’s younger brother called Benjen disappears as he forays beyond the wall. Jon is appointed as Lord mormont assistant while Tarly and snow become stewards. An assasiantion attempt on Daenerys is foiled and an infuriated Dogo vows to infiltrate and defeat the seven kingdoms. Watch Game of thrones free here.

The Priority End

Sansais captured while Arya escapes the red keep. When Robb learns of this he mounts an attack against the lannisters. This leaves Bran incharge of winterfell. Catelyn joins Robb camp and lysa refuses to fight. Tyrionis later attacked by some men and offers them money to release him. Meanwhile, Drogo raids nearby villages to get slaves so that they can be used to finance his armies. Some bodies are discovered beyond the wall. Watch Game of thrones free here.

BWatch Game of thrones freeaelor

Catelyn for the exchange of safe passage at the twins castle offers her two children Arya and Robb in exchange. Robbs loses 2000 men in his confrontation with the Lannister army. Ned is put on trial and admits to treason; he concents to Joffrey been appointed as king. Joffrey instead of sending to the wall has him decapitated. Both sasha and Arya watch as their father is killed. In the walljon receives the family sword from JeorMormont. Drogogets injured but his wound gets worse prompting Daenerys to use the services of a healer to save him. Watch Game of thrones free here.

Fire and Blood

Robb is proclaimed as king when the north secedes from the seven kingdoms. Robert brothers challenge joffrey for the throne. Tyrionis appointed as the king’s advisor. Jon infuriated by the death Ned wants to go back and avenge him but is persuaded to go and seek benjen beyond the wall. In King’s landing, Aryais helped to escape when she dresses as a boy leaving her sister Sasha who Joffrey wants to marry. Drogo discovers that he son is dead and Drogo condition is getting worse. The witch had tricked her. She smoothers her husband and orders the witch to join her in the burning pyre. She later emerges unharmed with the three dragon eggs have hatched. Watch Game of thrones free here.

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