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The fourth title of the seven books by George R.R. Martin is called A Feast of Crows. It was published in the United Kingdom in October 17, 2005 while in the United States in November 8, 2005. The book is huge and this led to George Martin to think about splitting the book into two. This led to the characters been split into two – Feast of crows and dance with dragons. Dance with dragons was released in July 12, 2011. The book become the best-seller in the New York list; it was also nominated for the Locus award and the Hugo award. It turned together with dance with dragons into series five of the game of thrones season. You can find some of the elements in season four and six. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.  Game of thrones Book 4 Audiobook Free

A Feast for Crows Plot

The plot begins with the end of the war of the kings. Jon Snow is now the head of the night watch and Stannis Baratheon travels to aid those on the wall. Joffrey eight-year-old son called King Tommen Baratheon now rules the King’s landing with the aid of his ambitious mother Cersei. Brienne and Jaime are on a journey to locate Sansa. Sansa has found refuge in Vale where she is under the protection of Petyr Baelish who is now the protector of the Vale after killing his wife Lysa Arryn. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

The Seven Kingdoms Plot

The prologue begins with Pate who has dreams of becoming a master in the citadel in Old town. He gets poisoned the moment he receives a key to the depository of records and gets a reward in exchange. Tywin Lannister is dead and Cersei rules with her incompetent staff. She alienated both her uncle and brother. She also is ruled by a prophecy that states all her children will be crowned but they die before her. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

Since she does not listen to the advice the kingdom’s debts rise beyond control. She owes the faith of seven and the iron bank of braavos. The economy of westeros is crippled after she fires some of the representatives of the iron bank who in turn refuse to grant her any more debts. She comes up with a plan to restore the military of the power of the faith militant even though she knows this will compromise her own power. In an effort to weaken Tyrells she blunders by sending one thousand of her loyalists to besiege Stannis Baratheon at Dragon store but they all get killed in the process. When the faith makes an effort to charge Margaery with adultery they fail and put Cersei in her place. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.Game of thrones Book 4 Audiobook Free

The Riverlands

Jamie is sent to the river lands to re-establish control after a series of disagreements. He talks to Brynden and has a plan to exchange Riverrun for Tully’s life. They attack the town, even though bloodless Brynden is able to escape. It is later discovered by Jamie that Ryman Frey the heir to the throne was hanged by the brotherhood without borders. Jamie also learns that Cersei who is in prison wants a trial by combat. It also revealed that it was true that Lancel is the one who killed Robert. He lives her to her fate because she has become paranoid. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

Brienne witnesses all the destruction caused by the war as she seeks to find Sansa. She takes Podrick Payne as a squire. Later she encounters SerHyle and Lord Randyll – who despises her besides the former praising her. She is eventually captured by the brotherhood and sentenced to death Catelyn. Catelyn died but is resurrected and now takes the name of Lady stoneheart; this is at the cost of Dondarrion’s life. Catelyn gives her a condition for release – kill Jamie. She takes time to decide and Catelyn kills all her companions. The undisclosed word is a sword as this would cause her to be under her service. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

The Vale

Sansa meanwhile in Eyrie carries on like one of Petry’s daughter. In the process, she manages the household, befriends Robert Arryn and receives crucial information in politics. Petry subtly controls his dead wife’s bannermen and this enables him to gain control of the protectorship. He reveals to Harrold Hardying that his betrothed to Sansa. His the next in line for the Robert title when Robert who has been sickly dies. His plans are to revealed her true identity and use this to capture the throne at winter-fell. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

Iron Islands

Aeron soon learns of the death of Balon while in the iron islands. His elder brother Euron has contested and got the throne at Seastone chair. He does not want this and calls for a meeting to decide the successor. The seat is hotly contested by Asha and victarion Greyjoy but Euron is chosen with the promise that he will use his dragon horn to control the dragons. House of Tyrell seat is threatened when a fleet of iron men capture the shield islands. Victarion sees the return of the fleet will destroy them unless they can get Daenerys to their side. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.Game of thrones Book 4 Audiobook Free


Doran Martell has the Oberyn’s bastard daughters imprisoned after they incite the people while seeking vengeance for the death of their father. Doran also thwarts an attempt to crown Myrcella by his daughter Arianne and her lover Ser. One of Arianne co-conspirators takes advantage of the confusion and tries to kill myrcell but only manages to scare her. However, Seris killed in the melee. The deaths brings strain between the iron throne and the house of lannister. It is later revealed by Doran that his brother has  gone east to recover the fire and blood. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

Across the Narrow sea

Arya arrives in Braavos and finds a temple that is rumored to have the faceless men assassins. She hides her identity when she throws all her possessions into the water but hides her needle and sword. This is to prove that she the assassins have no identity. She hides behind the name cat of the canals. She is unable to hide her identity for long and soon starts experiencing wolf dreams she also murders Dareon. For the murder she is asked to drink warm milk; when she wakes up she is completely blind. Samwell Tarlyis ordered by Jon Snow to travel to the town of Citadel to become a Maester and do some research on the others. In the journey, Sam goes with the wildling mother gilly, her baby, Maester Aemon and Dareon. While in the seas he discovers that Jon swapped the Wildling Gilly child with Rayder. He does this so as to avoid the child becoming a potential sacrifice for the melisandre. The journey is hindered when Aemon becomes sick and they have to wait for him to heal. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

A Dance with Dragons

Book 4 was split into two books; the other being A dance with dragons. The story continues during the voyage that Sam has undertaken. Jon decapitates Slynt after he warns him about disobeying his orders three times. While the action now puts Sam in charge it also brings discord among the troops loyal to Slynt. Mance refuses to submit to Stannis and his executed while Jon brokers a truce with the leader of the wildlings. The truce lets the wildlings to help them defend themselves against the others and it gives them passage through the wall in return. The tension increases because the bothers in the night watch are still not comfortable with the wildlings. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

Tycho arrives at the wall seeking Stannis but discovers that he has already marched South. Since Cersei has refused to repay the loan the iron bank now supports Stannis claim to the throne. In the meantime Jon realizes that winter is near and he negotiates a loan for the night watchers to enable them to purchase food for winter that is fast approaching. Melisandre has recurring dreams and warns Jon that his at risk from enemies within the watch. Mance who is shockingly alive is goes on a journey to rescue the girl who he believes is his long lost half sister. He thinks that the girl is Arya but Melisandre reveals that she is not the one but Alys. She also sees in her visions the execution of Harrion Karstark. Arnolf comes up with a plot to force Alys to marry Cregan; this will ensure that he takes control of the Karhold. This changes when Jon imprisons Cregan and arranges a marriage between the wildling leader Sigorn and Alys. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here. Game of thrones Book 4 Audiobook Free

Jon later learns from a letter that Stannis army has been crushed by Ramsay Bolton. He demands that Jon delivers Arya, theon, Stannis wife and daughter or he be killed. He fails to comply with the demands but requests for volunteers so that he can go after Ramsay himself. Jon is killed by Bowen and his men and this fulfills Melisandre prediction. Bran Stark becomes the last standing children of the forest and he goes in search of the three-eyed crow. They finally find the three eyed crow – happens to be an old man intertwined with roots of the weirwood tree. His also able through green sight to see his father Ned at the same spot. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

In the meantime Daenerys has conquered most of the city of Meereen. However she is still trying to maintain peace in the town while trying to fight off external forces. She also has to battle a plague called the bloody flux. Her dragons have also gotten very big and uncontrollable; she confines them to the dungeons so that they do not cause any harm to the people. Drogon becomes wild and flies off to her den. Later she is forced to go after him and stays for same time in the dragons den. Download our Game of thrones Book 4 audiobook free here.

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