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The Game of Thrones is the first book in the song of Ice series by George R.R. Martin and was published 1996. It is part of the epic fantasy game of Thrones series. Initially George planned for the books to be a trilogy but it later turns out that he wrote seven volumes. The latest in the series is A dance with dragons which took the writer almost six years to write. The winds of winter will be his sixth book in the series. The book won several awards including Nebula Award (1997), World Fantasy Award (1997) and in 2011 made it as the New York Bestseller. By July 2011 it was number one. The book introduces the noble houses of the wall, Westeros and the Targaryens. The book is the basis for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones that was released in April 2011.

Download our Game of Thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook

Game of thrones Plot: The Seven Kingdoms

The first scene starts with Lord Ned executing a deserter from the wall. As they are traveling they encounter six direwolf pups and they adopt. The wolves resemble their family – three trueborn male, two trueborn female and one bastard son. Ned gets the sad news that his mentor has been killed. Lord Jon Arryn was the king’s advisor and a childhood friend of Ned. While at the Winterfell, Ned is asked to fill the position of the king’s advisor, a post he accepts. One of the reasons for acceptance is when Arryn widow informs him that she suspects that Cersei and her family were somehow involved in the death. Ned younger son climbs a tower in the land and finds Jamie and his sister having sex; when they are discovered they throw him over the tower. Download our Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.

Game of thrones book 1 AudiobookNed travels to the King’s capital with his two daughters Arya and Sansa leaving his wife behind to take care of their sick child. While traveling there is a conflict between Prince Joffrey and Arya. This causes some sort of rift between the Starks and Lannisters. In the process nymeria – Arya’sdirewolf attacks Joffrey in an attempt to protect her. This infuriates joffrey and wants the direwolf killed. However, Arya chances it away and Sansadirewolf takes the place of nymeria and is executed. When Ned arrives at the King’s landing he discovers that Robert is an inept leader who spends most of his time womanizing, drinking and hunting. A small council runs most of the kingdom. Robert informs Ned of his lack of desire to rule the kingdom and the only thing that prevents him from abdicating is that his afraid of how Joffrey would perform as king. Download our Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.

There is an assassin attempt on the life of Bran which is prevented by his direwolf. Catelyn lives the King’s landing to search for her husband and inform him of the assassination attempt. After she leaves Bran awakens but has lost memory of the fall. When she arrives she is informed of that the danger found at the scene of the son’s attack belongs to Tyrion Lannister. She helps her husband investigate the involvement of the lannisters in the plot. As she is traveling to Winterfell she encounters Tyrion by chance and arrests him; later she takes him to vale – a stronghold for the sister. Tyrion demands a trial of combat which Catelyn agrees to. He wins the battle and later recruits some tribesmen to exact revenge against Arryn for how she treated him during the trial. Download our Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.

As Ned to investigate what happened to his friend he learns that Robert’s brother left for dragon store just after the death of Jon. He begins to have a closer look at jon affairs and the places he visited when alive. This reveals more about Robert bastard children. As they are coming back from one expedition they encounter Jamie, who is demanding that Tyrion is brought back. A fight ensures and Ned’s leg is injured when one of the horses falls on his leg. He gets closer to the truth when he discovers that three of Robert’s children are not his but belong to Jamie – Cersei twin brother. Jon was killed due to this shocking discovery. Cersei who does not want the secret out arranges for the accident that will kill Robert. Download our Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.

After Robert is hurt, Ned tries to have the support of the city guards so that they can have stannis on the throne. Little finger betrays him and Ned is captured and his men killed. Joffrey becomes king and orders the execution of Ned. Arya manages to escape but sasha is retained. In the south Robb is seeking support to avenge his father’s death against the lannisters. Tyrion begins a relationship with a prostitute called Shae. At the battle of whispering wood, Robb wins the battle against Jamie Lannister and captures him while Tyrion father withdraws to the Tully lands. His hailed as the King of the North after he refuses to ally himself with Robert’s brothers Stannis and Renly. Download our Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook

Game of Thrones Plot: On the Wall

The prologue gives us a small introduction to the wall. It is a hundred feet high wall that runs for many miles and is made from ice, stone, and magic; the wall separates the seven kingdoms and the northern wilderness. The night’s watch is responsible for manning the wall. The warriors are sworn to serve the order for life with dissertation leading to execution. The men are prohibited from marriage, property, titles, and children. While on patrol rangers in the north of the wall encounter some superhuman creatures called the order. In the process all the men are killed, leaving only one man who is later killed by Eddard for the dissertation. Download our Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.

Eddard Stark bastard son – Jon Snow – on advice from his uncle decides to join the night watch. He is disappointed to learn that the night watch is a batch of penal colony criminals who keep the wildlings in check. While on a trip to the wall with Tyrion, his informed by the commander that there is increased activity from the others and that they are unmanned to contain the threat. Download our Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.

Jon supports the recruits against their harsh instructors and also takes interest in an intelligent, good nature boy called Samwell Tarly who happens to be cowardly. Jon plans are that he will join the rangers but he finds himself as steward to the commander instead. He is initially disappointed by this but later discovers that this puts him next in line to the commander position. Benjen leads some rangers beyond the wall but the wights later kill them. They try to attack the commander but Jon kills them and this sees him been awarded the Valyrian steel sword. Jon soon learns of his father’s death and decides to join Robb to avenge his death. His later convinced by the other night watch men not to abandon his post. Download our Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.

Across the narrow sea

In the continent, east of Westeros called Essos Viserys betroths his sister Daenerys to the warlord Khal Drogo in exchange for troops. A wealthy merchant called Illyrio who has previously been supporting the siblings brokers the marriage and bequeaths Daenerys three dragon eggs as a wedding present. Jorah is one of the advisors to Viserys. He warms up to Daenerys when he informs her that Viserys will be a future tyrant and that the local people are not impressed by the power plays been exhibited by the elite. Daenerys while initially afraid of Drogo soon learns their language and even learns to love him. Download our Game of Thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.

Viserys becomes impatient with Drogo reluctance to give him troops and insults his sister before him. Infuriated, Drogo kills him with a crown made of molted gold. Drogo becomes convinced of the need to conquer Westeros when an assassin attempt on Daenerys fails; she is by now with child. While Drogo is ransacking villages to finance the war, he gets injured by a fellow tribesman. The wound does not heal, forcing Daenerys to seek the services of a witch who can perform blood healing. The witch uses her unborn child to propel the spell. Drogois healed but remains in a vegetative state. Daenerys learns in a dream that she is the last dragon which gives her some strength. When she learns that the witch tricked her, she smoothers Drogo and orders the witch to board the pyre during the funeral. She gets into the burning pyre with her three unhatched dragon eggs. She emerges from the burning pyre unscathed with three dragons. Joram and the remaining dothraki swear allegiance to her. Download our Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.

What are the themes in Game of Thrones Book 1?

One underlying theme that characterizes the book is that characters have to choose one personality trait of the other. Characters maybe are put in positions where they have to choose between duty and loyalty to the people against love for their families. For example, Ned leaves his family behind in a call of duty when he decides to head south. When Ned is executed, Jon is torn between joining his brother, Robb in his quest to avenge his father’s death and his duty to the night watchers. Daenerys is conflicted with her love for her husband and his atrocities to the Dothraki people. Catelyn on the other side abandons her political responsibilities and does not leave her sons side when his in a coma. But, when the son is attacked in an assassination attempt she leaves his side to go and inform Ned of the plot. This conflicts in character most of the time have led to in decisions and wrong moves. For example, Ned agrees to charges of high treason so that Joffrey can let his daughters go. He abandons his political ambitions for the sake of his family. Martin also deviates from using too many magical elements to portray good and evil but chooses to let this reside in humans. Download our Game of Thrones book 1 Audiobook Here.Game of thrones book 1 Audiobook

How to use our Game of Thrones Book 1 Audiobook?

Audiobooks are the new way through which book lovers can enjoy their favorite books. Game of Thrones was the first book by George Martin. The book went ahead to be converted into the popular TV series in HBO. If you missed out on the series or you seem lost on the plot then book 1 audiobook will greatly help you. It can take you several days and even months just to finish reading one huge book. Instead of getting bored along the way, download our Book 1 audiobook. The download process is simple and straightforward. All you will need is a secure and fast internet connection and a download device. You can play the audiobook on your phone, tablet, or PC. The best part is it’s free. No charges or registration fees.

Getting the best from your book 1 audiobook

Since this is audio you will need to get the best headphones available. You audiobook experience will depend largely on the kind of speakers that you have; if there is background noise or sound distortions then change the speakers. You can listen to the audiobook even when performing your daily activities like cleaning or cooking. Make a bookmark where you have paused. George Martin Book 1 is an interesting read and there is no better way to understand and enjoy the various plots than with our game of thrones book 1 audiobook.

Download our game of thrones book 1 audiobook hereGame of thrones book 1 Audiobook