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The game of Thrones series is based on George R.R. Martin book called Clash of Kings and Song of Ice and fire. The second season of the series premiered on June 3, 2012. D.B Weiss and David Benioff directed the series. It was shot in Croatia, Northern Ireland, and Iceland. Most of the storyline takes place in the fictional world called Westeros and the continent of Essos. The second season begins after the death of Ned and with his family scattered across Westeros. Most of the five kings are on a warpath to reclaim the iron throne. Season two saw a rise in viewership when compared with the first season. The season also won eleven Emmy Awards. Viewership rose in the US from 3.9 million to 4.2 million. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

Game of thrones audiobook torrent

What is the Book Plot?

After Ned is executed the Starks declare war on the Lannisters. Robb Starks wins three victories and offers peace to the Lannisters. Cersei rejects the terms for peace. Janos sent is exiled by Tyrion and this leaves brown as the commander of the watch. Catelyn travels to negotiate an alliance with King Renly’s. While there they witness the killing of any by dark magic. Renly army switches to Stannis while Catelyn and Brienne flee. Winterfellis seized by force by the after he changes sides. This forces Robb to mount an attack so as to rescue his brother Bran and Rickon. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

Robb soon learns that Catelyn has exchanged the freedom of Jaime in exchange for the freedom of her two daughters. Arya and Hot pie escape after Tywin leaves harrenhal. Cersei abducts Tyrion lover – a prostitute – and uses her to blackmail him. After the death of Drogo, Daenerys takes refuge in the city of Qarth. XaroXhaon a merchant takes her in. But, his plan is to take over her dragons and kill all her servants. This leads to a confrontation at the house of undying where her dragons kill Pyat. She seals Xaro and escapes with her servants. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

In the wall, Jon is able to capture a wilding. However, his led to a trap where he’s captured by the wildlings. While in their prison he meets Qhorin who comes with a plot for Jon to kill him so that he can get close to the leader of the wildlings. Soon the white walkers launch an attack on the rest of the rangers who had camped at a fortification. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

Game of thrones episodes

Valar Dohaeris

Game of thrones audiobook torrent

The episodes begin with an attack of the wall by the white walkers and moment and truly make an effort of warning the seven kingdoms. In the meantime, snow is brought before the wildlings king and asked to swear allegiance. Tyrion tries to get the caster rock. Sansais offered a way to escape King’s landing. However, she advised not to trust him by Ros. Davos who does not want any more connections with Stannis and returns to dragonstone. He tries to assassinate Melisandre but fails. This gets him to prison. Daenerys arrives to buy unsullied slaves in the city of Astapor. She survives an assassination attempt by the warlocks of Qarth. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

Dark Wings, Dark Words

Jamie is escorted by Brienne through the Riverlands but they engage in a fight which is stopped by Bolton soldiers. Robb shifts his attention from his war with lannisters when he learns of Catelyn father’s death and goes to attend his funeral. This angers one of his allies – Karstark – who wanted a fight against the Lannisters for killing his sons. Gendry and Arya are waylaid by a rebel group on their way to the funeral by a group calling itself the brotherhood without banners. He identity is discovered when they go to an inn. It is later revealed that Bran is a warg and can enter the minds of animals.

Walk of punishment

Catelyn and Robb both attend the funeral at Riverrun. To secure her alliance, Tywin sends Baelish to Lysa. This makes Tyrion the new master of coin. While Gendry and Arya follow the brotherhood, Hot pie is left at the inn. When Rayder hears of the massacre of the first men he sends snow to attack the wall when he learns that it has been weakened. Some of the men survive and make their way to Craster wall. An unknown man frees Theon from captivity and torture. Daenerys exchanges her dragon for 8000 unsullied men. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

And now his Watch is ended

Theon finds himself back to torture after his betrayed by his rescuer. Jaime loses his sword hand and this makes him believe that his finished. Brienne encourages him not to lose hope but to persevere. Varys informs Tyrion that he has in his power the magician who castrated him and that they should be patient for vengeance. Starving night watchmen fight off with their host. In the process, Mormont and Craster are killed while Gilly and her son are able to escape. Gendry and Arya are taken to the leader of the brotherhood who lives in a cave and asks for a trial combat. A marriage is proposed between Loras and Sansa. Daenerys delivers her dragon to the trader in exchange for the slave soldiers. She gets her dragon back, orders her soldiers to kill their masters and they pledge their allegiance to her. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

Game of thrones audiobook torrent

Kissed by Fire

Olennais convinced by Tyrion to pay a part of the wedding. Sansa makes a decision to stay in King’s landing and informs Baelish of this. When the Lannisters learn of the plot to marry off Sansa they come up with a plot to have her marry Tyrion – a decision she objects to. Stannis admits to having an affair but the wife informs him that she already knows and is okay with it. Shireen, his daughter, often goes to the dungeon to teach Davos how to read. Sandoris released after he kills Dondarrion. However, the lord of light resurrects him. Dondarrion and Thoros come up with a plan to use Arya as a ransom in exchange for Robb. After the murder of the Lannister boys, Robb executes the Karstark. This forces Robb to form an alliance with Frey. Jon snow breaks his vows after succumbing to Ygritte seduction. On Daenery’s order the unsullied select Grey worm to be their leader. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

The Climb

Tywin manages to convince Olenna to marry Cersei and in the process discovers that it is Joffrey who tried to assassinate him. Tyrion leaks the marriage between Sansa and Shae. Vary’s informant called Ros is caught and executed. A prophesy that Arya will kill many people forces Melisandre to buy Gendry. Robb partners with Frey and agrees let Frey daughter to marry his uncle. A mysterious man is still torturing Theon. Gilly is still on the run with her son while Ygritte and snow are able to climb the wall with two wildlings. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

The Bear and the Maiden fall

To Osha’s horror, Jojen tells Bran that they must move beyond the wall to find a mysterious raven. While Ygritte and Snow relationship grows stronger in anger some of the wildlings. Theon torturer emasculates him. Ronn soon learns that Talisa is pregnant. Aryamakes an attempt for escape but is captured. Gendry learns from Melisandre that his father was Robert. Shae breaks up with Tyrion due to his impending marriage to Sasha. The council discusses Daenerys and conclude she offers no threat to the throne. She, however, reaches the city of Yunkai and decides to attack them. Jamie later rescues Brienne from a pit where she is battling a bear. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.Game of thrones audiobook torrent

Seconds Sons

Tyrion and Sasha wedding is done at the king’s landing. Meanwhile after been told to have a baby soon, Tyrion gets drunk and causes a scene. He also does not put pressure on Sasha to consummate their marriage. Arya soon learns that a ransom is the offering of her life. In magical ritual, Stannis extracts some blood from Gendry and names three usurpers Balon, Robb, and Joffrey. Daenerys gets the loyalty of the second sons and this boosts her armies. Tarly and Gilly use the dragonglass dagger to kill a white walker. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

The Rains of Castamere

Finally, Gilly and her son and Tarly arrive at the wall. Bran has the power to enter the mind of others and his able to enter the mind of Hodor to calm him down. When Snow refuses to kill a farmerYgritte does it for him before the other wildlings kill him. Bran is able to use his mind possession abilities to save snow who later escapes leaving Ygritte very mad. Bran and the rest of his gang plan to go beyond the wall. Meanwhile, Daenerys sends Naharis, Mormont, and Grey to penetrate the wall so that her armies can enter Yunkai. She succeeds and Yunkai falls. While Edmure is consummating his marriage, Walder’s men murder stark bannermen, Catelyn and Telisa. Robb is killed by Bolton who is an ally of the Lannisters. Arya arrives just in time to witness the slaughter but is knocked unconscious by Sandor to prevent her from witnessing more of the killings. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.


It is later discovered that the person who orchestrated the slaughter is Tywin who gives the house Frey the seat of river run. The warden of North is given to Bolton. Theon mysterious torturer is revealed to be Ramsay. Theonis released against the wishes of Balon. Arya and Sandor encounter some men making fun of Robb’s death and kill them in anger. Cersei and Jamie soon reunite. Bran and Tarly’s men meet and inform them of the white walkers who are on their way to the seven kingdoms. They also give them the dragon glass weapons; which are the only thing that can kill the white walkers. Several Ravens are used to send a message to the seven kingdoms. The freed slaves in Yunkai accept Daenerys as their mother. Gendry is helped to escape by Davos. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook torrent here.

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