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Game of Thrones is a popular television series that is based on the books of George R.R. Martin. The series are adopted from some of his books that include Game of thrones, Song of Ice and fire and dance with fire. The films were shot in Belfast with some other scenes done in Canada, United Kingdom, Iceland, Croatia, Morocco, Malta and Spain. The books are based on the fictional towns of Essos and Westeros. Game of thrones has several characters with plots running concurrently. In the first story arc, we follow the seven kingdoms and their attempts to get the iron throne. In the process, alliances and opponents are created and some dynasties disposed. The second arc sees the last descendants to the realm trying to make a comeback to the throne. The third story arc focuses on the wall and the threats posed by supernatural creatures. Download our Game of thrones audiobook free here.

Game of thrones audiobook free

The Seven Kingdoms: Book History

The book begins with Eddard –Ned – executing a deserter from the night watch who has fled the wall and therefore abandoned his vows. While traveling back, his children find six abandoned dire wolf pups which they adapt. The dire wolfs correspond with his family because they consist of two female direwolfs, three male, and an albino pup. This is similar to his family tree that has two daughters, three sons and a bastard son called Jon Snow. Ned receives the shocking news that one of his childhood friends and an advisor to King Robert. When Ned visits winterfell, his asked to be the new king’s advisor. Ned is reluctant to take up the position especially when he discovers that Robert is an incompetent king who spends most of his time drinking, womanizing and hunting. The kingdom is often ruled by a small council and the only reason that Robert has not abdicated is because he is afraid of leaving the throne to his son Joffrey. The only reason that Ned takes up the position is when his informed by Arryn wife that the Lannisters could be responsible for the murder. Download our Game of thrones audiobook free here.

Soon after settling in one of Ned’s sons – Bran – while climbing a tower finds Cersei – Roberts wife – having sex with the twin brother, Jamie. When they discover that they have been seen they push him off the tower and he gets into a coma. While Ned and his daughters leave winterfell, they leave his wife Catelyn with their injured son behind. While on the way there is alteration between Arya and Joffrey – King to be – which leads to Arya’s direwolf attacking Joffrey. Joffrey is furious and executes one of the direwolfs. Ned is disappointed when he arrives at the King’s landing due to Robert’s ineptness in managing the kingdom. Download our Game of thrones audiobook free here.

There is an assassination attempt on Bran’s life at Winterfell but his dire wolf protects him. However, the assassin leave the murder knife behind. He soon wakes up but with the no memory of the events that led to the fall. His mother travels to Kings Landing to inform the Ned about the assassination attempt. While there she is informed that the dagger found in Bran room belongs to Tyrion Lannister – a dwarf – who is also the brother to Jamie and Cersei. While Catelyn is returning to Winterfell she encounters Tyrion and orders his arrest. His taken to her sisters stronghold where a trail is held. Tyrion requests a trial by combat and his champion wins the contest. Upon release he recruits some tribesmen with the aim of seeking revenge for how he was treated by Catelyn sister. His father incensed by how his son was treated sends a troop to attack Catelyn homeland in river lands. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook free here.

Ned begins investigations into the Arryn’s cause of death and discovers that his brother Stannis disappeared some days before Arryn’s murder. While perusing some of Arryn’s documents he investigates some locations that have Robert’s bastard children. While they are on their way back they encounter Jamie and his men who demand that Ned produces Tyrion. When they refuse a battle ensures that leads to the killing of some of Ned’s men. Ned is injured when his horse falls on him. Ned continues with his investigations only to discover that three of Robert’s children actually belong to Jamie. He makes a big mistake when he confronts Cersei with the information and this leads to her organizing an attack on Robert, which leads to him being fatally wounded. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook free here.

Ned tries to make an alliance with little finger so that he can place Stannis his brother to the throne but his betrayed by littlefinger and his men killed. After Robert’s death, Joffrey takes over the throne and Ned makes a deal with him to confess to treason and go to the night watch; in return Joffrey should let the daughters go. Joffrey reneges on the deal and has Ned executed. Arya escapes while Sansais left behind. Robb hears of his father’s death and seeks financial support from his grandfather Tully. To get to him he has to navigate through the house of Frey and these forces him to form an alliance with them. Download our Game of thrones audiobook free here.

Robb wins a battle against Jamie Lannister and they capture him during the battle of whispering wood. Jamie father travels to the southern border. When Robb refuses to ally himself with Stannis and Renly, the Nothern and Riverlands lords declare him the king in the North. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook free here.

History: On the Wall

Game of thrones audiobook freeThe second part of the story line takes place in the wall. This is a hundred mile long and hundreds feet wall that is made of ice, stone and magic. The purpose of the wall is to protect the people of the seven kingdoms from the Northern wilderness. Beyond the wall there are supernatural creatures called the others. A group of rangers called the night watch protects the wall.  The Night watchers once selected serve the order for life and are not allowed to acquire property, titles, marry, or desert the order. Those who do are charged with dissertation and sentenced to death. A group of rangers is attacked by the others and with one surviving member, who is later executed by Ned. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook free here.

Jon Snow decides to join the night watch after finding inspiration from his uncle Benjen Stark. He is disappointed when he realizes that the night watch consists of penal criminals. The scene has Jon Snow coming to the wall with Tyrion and they are informed by the commander of the night watch that the orders have increased their attacks and the night watch is understaffed. He also informs them that winter is coming and they need to better protect the wall. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook free here.

Jon earns the trust of the brotherhood when he joins them against their harsh trainer. He also develops a liking for Samwell Tarly who though smart and good nature is cowardly. He expects to join the rangers due to his combat skills but is assigned as an assistant for the commander. Benjen his uncle goes on a search beyond the wall but fails to come back six months later. The bodies of the six of the men are later discovered but they turn into wights and make an attempt at the commander. Jon Snow saves him and destroys the wights. His later rewarded with the Valyrian Steel sword also called the LongClaw. Download our Game of thrones audiobook free here.

When Snow learns that his father has been executed he seeks vengeance by joining his brother Robb against the Lannisters. His however, persuaded by his fellow night watchers to not abandon the order. The commander swears to go in search of Benjen and find a deserter referred to as the Mance Rayder. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook free here.

History: Across the narrow sea

The next events take place in the city of Essos where Viserys betroths his sister to the warlord KhalDrogo. King Robert overthrew his father. The exchange will involve giving his sister’s hand in marriage and getting troops from Drogo to take back his kingdom. Illiyrio is a wealthy merchant who has been supporting the siblings issues Daenerys with three dragon eggs as a wedding gift. Jorah is a knight who was exiled and acts as Viserys advisor. Daenerys takes a particular liking to Joram when he foretells that his brother will become a dictator when he ascends to the throne. He also tells that her people are not interested in the politics that lead to the iron throne but their main interest is peace and stability in the land. Download our Game of thrones audiobook free here. Game of thrones audiobook free

While Daenerys is initially afraid of Drogo she mellows to him and soon learns to love him. She learns that he is kind and treats his people well. He however shows little interest with Viserys plans to conquer Westeros and this causes Viserysto constantly vex the sister to influence Drogo to give him the troops. He crosses the line when he tries to forcefully coerce the sister in a public hearing. This leads to Daenerys to kill him with a molten crown made of gold. When Daenerys gets pregnant with Drogo’s, he decides to get troops to conquer Westeros. Jorah unveils a plot to kill Daenerys. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook free here.

Drogo ransacks the villages to get money to finance his invasion but his injured when fighting one of his tribesmen. The wound festers and does not heal. Daenerys in an attempt to save his life gets the services of a healer/witch. She is supposed to use blood magic to cure Drogo. But, the witch who is disappointed with Drogo for the ransacking uses Daenerys unborn child to perform the magic. This heals Drogo but it leaves him in a vegetative state. When Daenerys discovers that she has been tricked she smoothers Drogo and commands the witch tied to the burning pyre. Daenerys gets into the burning pyre with her three dragons and when the she comes out she is unscathed and holding three dragon babies in her breast. The remaining Dothraki people bow their allegiance to her. Download our Game of Thrones audiobook free here.

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