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The book has been written by George R.R. Martin and is the first book in the A song of Ice and fire series. The books were well received and this led to them winning the Locus award in 1997 and was nominated for both the World Fantasy Award and Nebula Award. The book focuses on the noble houses of the wall, westeros, and the Targaryens. There have been several spin-offs, series an games. The first season of the book premiered on HBO under the Game of thrones series in April 2011. Get our Game of thrones Audiobook Here. Game of thrones Audiobook

What is the Plot in Game of thrones Book?

The story starts with an execution of a deserter by Lord Eddard who has deserted his vows. His children come across six diewolf pups and adopt them. They consist of two female direwolf pups, three males, and an albino runt. This pups closely resemble his family that consists of two trueborn daughters, three trueborn sons, and a bastard son. Lord Ned receives word of the death of his mentor and principal advisor to Ned’s childhood friend Lord Jon Arryn. The king replaces Arryn with Ned. His, however, reluctant to go and take up his position, his convinced when he learns that it is Queen Cersei could have played a role in the death of Arryn. Get our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

Lord Eddard takes his two daughters – Arya and Sansa – to the King’s landing while Bran, his wife, and two other sons remain in winterfell. While traveling tension is high between his daughter Arya and prince Jeffrey – Robert’s son.  This increases the tension between the Lannisters and Starks. In the process nymeria – arya’s direwolf – attacks Joffrey in an effort to protect her and this leads to the execution of Sansa’s direwolf instead of Nymeria. Ned is faced with the fact that the king is incompetent and spends his time womanizing, drinking and hunting while the control of the kingdom is left to his small council. The king wants to abdicate the throne and the only thing holding him back is his fear of Joffrey taking over the throne. Download our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

An attempt to kill Bran is frustrated by his direwolf. Catelyn travels to tell Ned of these events. While the assassination attempt fails, Bran is left a paraplegic after falling. The dagger that was used in the attack is identified as belonging to TyrionLannister – a dwarf brother to Jaime and Cersei. Catelyn encounters and arrests Tyrion on his way to Winterfell but Tyrion demands a trial by combat which he subsequently wins and secures his freedom. In an effort to exact revenge on Arryn who had mistreated him, Tyrionforms a private army with tribesmen from vale. Lord TywinLannister orders a raid on Catelyn homeland. Gregor also called the mountain leads the raid. Get our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

George Martin On the Wall

Another book by George Martin is on the wall. It begins with an account of the wall which is an old barrier made from ice, stone, and magic. It runs for hundreds of miles and is hundreds of feet long. It divides the northern wilderness from the seven kingdoms. It is protected from enemy attacks by the night watch who protect for life; they forego titles, marriage, children, and property for the sake of the wall. While on patrol on the north of the wall the night watch is attacked by the others – humanoids with supernatural abilities – who kill all the rangers with the exception of one. His later charged with dissertation and executed by Eddard Stark. Get our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.Game of thrones Audiobook

The bastard son of Eddard stark called Jon snow is inspired by his uncle to join the night watch. But he later discovers that they chiefly act as a penal colony with the aim of preventing the human tribesmen and the wildings in check. When Tyrion makes the visit to the wall with jon they inform the commander that winter is approaching and the wall is unmanned. This means they cannot contain the others in case of an attack. Download our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

Jon at the wall sides with the recruits against one of their instructors who are very harsh and protects SamwellTarly who is an intelligent and good nature boy but who is cowardly. While Jon has good military skills which he assumes will get him a position in the rangers – the military part of the night watchers but his instead put as an assistant to the commander Joer Mormont. This means that his next in line from Jon in the position for the commander. During this time a group of rangers is led by Benjen beyond the wall but they fail to return even after six months. Later two bodies from the team are recovered. The men turn into wights and kill six men they also threaten the commander but are killed by Jon. His later rewarded for the act of bravery with the Longclaw – a family sword made from Valyrian steel. Download our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

Word soon reaches Jon that his father has been executed and he seeks to leave the watch and pursue the Lannisters who are responsible. However, his convinced against abandoning the night watch. Mormont embarks to find the benjen and investigate the disappearance of his men. He also seeks to learn more about a deserter called Mance Rayder. Download our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

Across the Sea

Daenerysis introduced in this book. She leaves with her cruel brother called Viserys and he betroths his sister to warlord called KhalDrogo from dothraki. In exchangekhal is to supply Viserys with an army so that he can get the throne at Westeros. During the wedding Daenerysis given three dragon eggs by a wealthy merchant called Illyrio who also brokered the marriage. Viserys is joined be JorahMormont as an adviser. Jorah deciphers that Viserys will be a tyrant and discovers that the folks at Targaryen do not want to play in the game of thrones but are content in living in peace. Download our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

Daenerys does not initially respond to Dogo and his people but she soon learns to love him and soon embraces her role as queen. Dogo reneges on his deal with the brother and his numerous efforts to coerce his sister to fail. His killed with a crown of molten gold when he threatens Daenerys before khal in a public gathering. Later there is an attempt to kill Daenerys and her unborn child. Later we learn that Jorah who foils the assassination attempt was well aware of the plot. In the process of ransacking the villages for cash to finance his war against westeros, Doansoogo is injured. Daenerys secures the services of a folk healer to heal Dogo but she performs a sacrifice on Daenerys unborn child to heal Dogo. While he gets healed from the wound his left in a vegetative state. Daenerys gets new strength after she discovers that she is the last dragon and smoothers Dogo to death. On the day of the burial she Smoothers Dogo with a pillow hence killing him. She ties the healer with the pyre. She enters the burning pyre with the three dragon eggs but emerges unscathed by the fire with the dragon eggs having hatched and suckling on her breast. The remaining Dothraki people and joram swear to serve her. Download our Game of thrones Audiobook Here. Game of thrones Audiobook

A Clash of Kings

Daenerys arrives in the city of Qarth after leaving the remains of her late husband in the khalasar. With little success, she tries to convince the rulers of the city to help her reclaim the iron throne. The warlocks in the city invite her to view her visions a request that she agrees to. She enters their temple after drinking a magical portion. She meets the undying when she enters the temple and she is told she will be a child of three, three mounts must you die, three fires must you light, daughter of death and three treasons must she know. After this, the undying ones try to keep her captive in the temple but one of her dragons stomps in and burns all of them while destroying the temple in the process. She escapes the town after an assassination attempt but is rescued by Arstan whitebeard. Download our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

A Storm of Swords

Daenerys still needs an army and she travels to the city of Astapor where she makes a trade with the ruler to give her an army of unsullied slave soldiers in exchange for her dragon. She, however, reneges on the deal and kills the ruler while ransacking the town. She conquers the city of Yunkai and has the loyalty of Naharis who also commands a mercenary. On her way to Meeren, she discovers that Jorah had been spying on her. She is disappointed with the betrayal and orders the destruction of Meeren which she succeeds. Barristan seeks forgiveness from her but Jorahis banished after he refuses to seek her forgiveness. She decides to stay in the land because she fears to abandon her freed slaves who may return to bondage again. Download our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

A Dance with Dragons

Game of thrones AudiobookThe chapters delve into Daenerys attempts to control her city and other cities she has conquered. Yunkai, on the other hand, is planning a siege against Meeren. Her dragons are out of control and she decides to chain one of them after she kills a child. However, Drogon escapes before he can be chained. She agrees to a plan to marry Hizdahrzo Loraq but comes in the marriage with her lover called Daario. She consents to the marriage so that the town may have peace. During the wedding night, there is a lot of noise and blood from the pits that attract her dragon – drogon. While she tries to prevent drogon from attacking people at the feast he becomes wild and she is forced to fly away with him. She spends nights in his lair but falls ill after eating some poisonous berries. She is later found by KhalJhapo. In the movie series Emilie Clarke who does a remarkable job plays the role of Daenerys. She is later awarded several awards for her role. Download our Game of thrones Audiobook Here.

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